Privacy Policy

Nota do Game wishes the user to feel secure that all information provided is being carefully protected by our site.

Information Collection
In order for the user to interact on our site, reviewing and writing reviews for the games, we retain information through voluntary registration. That is, the user is invited to fill in a register where he / she enters some personal data, such as name and email. The user must enter true data about himself when registering in the Nota do Game. If a user elects not to register for the Nota do Game, access to community ratings and reviews from other users will normally be available on the game pages.

Use of Information
Your data is used to help us provide the best possible service in judging the games before the gaming community. The email is confidential and only the user can view under any circumstances except when requested by court order. Your password is encrypted and is only used for the user to login to the site. We recommend that your password is not shared with anyone else as this is the way to ensure user identity when using the system. Other user data, such as name and photo, are public and any other user of the site will be able to view it.

Information Handling
When a user registers, the information collected is stored solely on the Nota do Game servers. The information is used for the sole purpose of tailoring your experience on the site for your own benefit and providing the public with accurate game reviews without compromising your privacy.

Nota do Game team.

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